This February Cooler, Wetter Than 2017

Sheldon, Iowa — If you thought this February seemed colder and wetter than last year, you’re right.

The warmest temperature recorded at the KIWA Studios came on February 19th, when the mercury topped out at 44-degrees, which is 22-degrees colder than the warmest day of February, 2017. The mercury hit 66-degrees on February 22nd last year. In fact, in February of last year, the temperature topped out above 50-degrees on seven different days.

The story doesn’t get any warmer when talking about the lowest temperature recorded during February of this year. The coldest temperature recorded was 15-below zero on February 6th. The coldest day in February, 2017, was 3-degrees ABOVE zero, on February 4th last year. As for subzero days, the temperature dropped below zero on 15 different days in February this year, while February, 2017 saw no subzero days.

As for precipitation, 1.27-inches of precipitation fell in Sheldon last month, compared to 1.14-inches the year before. And snowfall in February, 2017 amounted to 5.5-inches, while this year we received 14.25-inches of February snowfall.

The official National Weather Service records for Sheldon are gathered and maintained at the KIWA studios in downtown Sheldon.

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