This Is Busy Boating Weekend, Stay Safe And Sober

Statewide Iowa — (RI) — The last holiday weekend of summer is upon us and tens of thousands of Iowans are spending at least a portion of it on the water.

Susan Stocker, the boating law administrator and education coordinator for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, says flooding has been widespread in parts of Iowa since March and boaters need to be especially cautious for hidden hazards.

Boat drivers need to keep a keen eye out for signs of anything that might be lurking just beneath the water line.

The DNR reports 65 people have been charged with boating while intoxicated this year statewide. That’s up from 54 BWI arrests at this time a year ago. Stocker says mixing alcohol and water can be a very deadly combination.

Preparing for a safe day on the water begins in the driveway, she says, and make sure to have a properly-fitting life jacket for each person on board.

Stocker says it’s wise to file a float plan with a friend, including your destination, expected time of return and type of boat. She also suggests taking a boater education course to learn valuable information, plus, many insurance companies will offer a discount on boat insurance. There are some 231,000 licensed boats in Iowa.



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