Trooper Advises Of Two Special Traffic Enforcement Efforts Going On

Northwest Iowa — Fatal car accidents are unfortunately on the rise, both in Iowa in general and more specifically in our area, and the Iowa State Patrol wants to try to reverse that trend.

Iowa State Patrol Trooper Spokesperson Kevin Krull tells us about it.

He says unfortunately the trend is going the wrong direction.

Krull reminds us that the “side” part of “SIDE With Us” is an acronym of don’ts:

S – Don’t forget your Seatbelt
I – Don’t drive Impaired by alcohol or drugs
D – Don’t drive Distracted by your phone or anything else
E – Don’t drive with Excessive speed.

Krull says even speeding a little can change reaction times and create bad situations.

Again, the statewide enforcement effort goes from now through Tuesday, October 4th, and the local enforcement effort will be this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.