Trooper: Make Sure You’re Wearing The Green, Not the Handcuffs Or The Body Bag

Northwest Iowa — It’s almost time for the wearing of the green. St. Patrick’s Day is this coming Sunday, March 17th. But the Iowa State Patrol is reminding people not to rely on the luck of the Irish. Too much green beer and getting behind the wheel could be a deadly combination for you, your passengers, or other motorists.

Trooper Kevin Krull says the fact that the holiday is on the weekend this year means people may have to think about what they are doing, and plan ahead.

He tells us the Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau will be doing a special Traffic Enforcement Period in connection with St. Patrick’s Day.

GTSB also reminds drivers to watch for pedestrians. An increase in alcohol consumption and pedestrian traffic can be a dangerous combination. If you’re on foot, cross streets in well-lit areas and use the crosswalks.

Troopers say if you find yourself drunk and stranded with your vehicle, give the keys to a sober driver who can safely drive you home. Remind your friends to never get in the vehicle with a drunk driver. If you have a friend who is about to drive drunk, take away their keys and help them get home safely.



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