Trooper Offers Christmas Road Safety Tips

Northwest Iowa — There are lots of cars on the road this Christmas weekend, and the Iowa State Patrol wants to make sure you make it to your destination — whether that’s a celebration with family and friends, or just to work or church.

We talked with Iowa State Patrol Trooper Vince Kurtz about driving safely this Christmas.

Kurtz says if you drive while expecting the other drivers to make a mistake, you’re better-prepared when they do.

Kurtz has some other safety tips to keep in mind.

It sounds like the weather, while cold, shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to road conditions. But Kurtz says you should consider keeping a winter survival kit in your vehicle. He says while many things can be useful if you are stranded, but the three most important goals for a winter survival kit are keeping your warm, keeping you hydrated, and keeping you fed. So he suggests extra coats and blankets, water, and high-energy snacks; with the emphasis on the first two. He says a fully-charged mobile phone and charger can be lifesavers as well.



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