Typo Makes It Look Like Sheldon Taxes Were Raised Over 800 Percent

Sheldon, Iowa — A typographical error may cause some unwelcome excitement for Sheldon residents.

Sheldon City Manager Sam Kooiker says that in the tax bills that came out this week for the O’Brien County portion of Sheldon, it shows Sheldon’s taxes increased by “837.34%.” Kooiker says it should be 1.65%. He says there was an extra zero inadvertently added by the County in the information section of the statement, which made it look like intake increased by $18,035,470 instead of by $35,470. He says this will raise some blood pressures, but he’s asking people to please note the levies and the bills themselves are correct.

The circled number in the graphic should say $2,189,359 and not $20,189,359. The percent increase should say 1.65% and not 837.34%. He says the City of Sheldon is sorry for the confusion this has caused, and again, the bills themselves are accurate.



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