Vietnam Vet from northwest Iowa encourages others to seek help

Milford, Iowa – A decorated Vietnam Veteran from northwest Iowa wrote a book about his experiences there and urges veterans to seek help in dealing with their issues. Milford native Keith Luchtel says one of the worst experiences was a bombing mission he opted out of so he could get married.

Luchtel recently spoke at the 40th anniversary ceremony for the Iowa Vietnam Memorial Wall. He says things started coming out as he wrote the book “The Milford Male.”

Luchtel says he was eventually talked into seeking help at the VA Hospital.

He says too many veterans don’t address the things they faced in war, and often they take their own lives. Luchtel says it took him awhile to see he needed help.

Lucthel says there are good services available through the VA and he encourages veterans to seek help. Luchtel’s book is available online at major book retailers.