Warmer Weather Means Road Work In Sheldon

Sheldon, Iowa — As the weather warms up the City of Sheldon is planning multiple road construction projects.

Sheldon Public Works Director Todd Uhl tells us that open bids on the 2023 patching project begin Thursday, March 9th. He says during this time roads will be patched up from any damage the winter may have caused. He tells us what streets will be receiving patching.

He says, by contract, this project can not begin until June 5th and must be finished by the last week of July. Uhl says there is a reason it’s to be done in the summer.

Chip sealing is another project that will be done this spring or summer, according to Uhl. He says that chip sealing prevents potholes from occurring. He explains where the chip sealing will take place.

The last project that Uhl shared with KIWA is a storm sewer project on 7th Avenue, which will take place this spring.

After these three major projects, Uhl says, the City will still have 150 thousand dollars to spend on any asphalt overlay, storm drainage, or crack sealing. He says, as of right now, he is not sure what roads will receive the money and probably won’t until after winter is finished.

Uhl says to be patient when roads are being worked on, and watch for the road crews while driving.


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