Will Highway 75 South In Sioux Center Get Paved Before Winter?

Sioux Center, Iowa — The east lanes of Highway 75 in southern Sioux Center are ready to pave. Whether that takes place before winter settles in will be determined by weather and when the paving contractor is able to return.

Jayson Lansink, of the lead contractor Godbersen-Smith Construction shared the outlook during the monthly public construction coordination meeting Wednesday, saying the earliest their crew may wrap up its current project commitment and begin moving back to Sioux Center could be toward the end of November.

City staff shared an urgency to get the east lanes of the Highway 75 Phase 1 project paved.

City Manager Scott Wynja says “If that’s not paved, it’s going to be difficult for traffic control and safety, and snow removal is a concern. We’re going to need to have some significant conversations about these items.”

If all mainline paving can’t be completed before winter, Godbersen-Smith may focus on intersection paving, especially at 16th Street South, Lansink said.

Project completion for Phase 1, from 20th Street South to 13th Street South, is scheduled for 2024, including adding the center turn lane, medians, median landscaping, and final sidewalk/trail connections. This is part of the roughly 2.5-mile project to replacing the aging pavement of Highway 75 and rebuild it in an enhanced 4-lane design focused on safety, function, and showcasing Sioux Center’s character.

Phase 2 of the project, from 13th Street South to 12th Street North, will take place in 2024-26.

The Highway 75 redesign is a shared project between the Iowa DOT and the City of Sioux Center.

(Courtesy fellow Community First Broadcasting station KSOU in Sioux Center)



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