Workers Cleaning Up Diesel Fuel Spill

Storm Lake, Iowa — The City of Storm Lake was working Friday afternoon to clean up a diesel spill in Storm Lake.
City staff are deploying booms to contain the spill and are using peat moss and booms to soak up the spilled diesel. However, it appears that winds have caused some diesel to reach the east shoreline of the lake at Lakeside.

When the spill occurred, city staff were adding the diesel to a booster pump on the city-operated dredge on Storm Lake. A dredge pumps excess soil from the lake bed to a booster pump, which in turn pumps the soil from the lake to a spoil site. It is not yet known how much diesel spilled.

People and pets should avoid areas with a visible sheen on the water while the city cleans up the spilled fuel.

The DNR will continue to monitor the situation.



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