1987 Chevy bus converted to a RV

For Sale: 1987 Chevy bus converted to a RV. Great option for family or Ragbrai. 8.2 liter. V8 Detroit diesel engine with a manual fuel pump (not a 2-Stroke), automatic Allison transmission. Approx. 146,000 miles. Runs and drives as it should. A new water heater in box comes with it.  Includes: Cedar siding on interior, couches that turn into beds, new seatbelts, dining area, sink and counter, gas stove , gas heater, refrigerator, microwave, RV A/C (120 volt), RV toilet (needs a new gasket), RV compatible electric, good tread on tires and laminate flooring. 712-461-0296


DeWalt jobsite radio

For Sale: DeWald job site radio with built in battery charger and impact. Works well and is located in Cheghorn. 712-261-1330.

Dewalt diesel torpedo heater

For Sale: Dewalt diesel torpedo heater. It does need a new plug, but does have a 12 gallon tank. 712-261-1330 located

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