KIWA Marketplace for April 16

For Marketplace Plus:

Exercise bike.

For Marketplace:

White steel off a machine shed. It measures 25 feet long by 32″ wide. Also for sale, strong barn galvanized steel between eight and 12 feet long. Take any amount. The seller has 38 sheets of white and about 50 sheets of the galvanized steel. The seller will negotiate the price with you. Call 540-7479.

Two eight-foot aluminum step ladders. $40 a piece, or $30 if you take both at once. 324-3005. They are located in Sheldon.

5-ton wagon gear, New Idea 9ft disc mower, wash line poles, 265 75R 16-inch tires and fuel barrels. 1-712-344-9185

2,000-gallon stainless steel storage tank. 712-441-3129

Hay Trolley with track. Looking for the young man who bought one from them a few years ago, or if you are interested please call 712-470-2983.

Knowledge Nugget:

In a survey of why people think their internet, or WiFi is slow, most people blame the weather, think walls, electric appliances, or the time of day. But the survey also found that some believe their internet speed is affected by a “government shutdown”, the presence of humans in the space station, or traffic (the kind in the big city streets or interstate highways.)


KIWA Marketplace for May 24

For Marketplace Plus: DeWalt jobsite radio. For Sale: Nitzsche Bean rider. Asking for $4,250 obo. 712-631-0506 15″ black show saddle that

KIWA Marketplace for May 23

For Marketplace Plus: DeWalt jobsite radio. For Marketplace: 15″ black show saddle with matching breast color and blanket; Also for sale,

KIWA Marketplace for May 22

For Sale: Electric smoker for $25; 6-foot aluminum step ladder for $25; Fishing sinkers. 20 different kinds. Selling for $1 a

KIWA Marketplace for May 21

For Marketplace Plus: Baggalli purse and an Eufy vac. For Sale: Baby chicks. Also for sale, a wooden keep sake box.

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