KIWA Marketplace for Feb. 29

For Marketplace Plus:

Oak Kitchen Table with 6 chairs and 3 leaves. Living room coffee table.

For Sale:

2-man otter flip-over ice fishing shack. Not insulated, but no rips or tears. Also has a runner kit. $150. 712-230-1417

Metal toys. They include a fire truck, road grater, grain trailer and an earth mover. 324-2994

Work bench, or a tool kit. It is in very good shape. 441-2106

10″ TV that would be good for a college dorm room, or a bed room. $5 obo. It needs to go as it is just taking up space in my home. 712-578-1332 and leave a message.

Lost and Found:

Found after Tuesday’s snow storm: A purple and grey tarp. Size is large. Call 712-541-2730 if you lost it.

Knowledge Nugget:

Happy Leap Day and Leap Year! Here are seven facts about Leap Day, or Leap Year.

  1. Leap year babies are called “leapers”, or “leaplings”
  2. Feb. 29 has traditionally been a day in which women were allowed to propose to men
  3. Some cultures consider Feb. 29 as an unlucky day, more specifically Italians as they call it: “leap year, doom year.”
  4. Julias Caesar introduced the first calendar leap year in 46 B.C.
  5. Feb. 29 is not really a legal day in that many companies don’t recognize Leap Day as a “valid day” and they make “leapers” pick Feb. 28, or March 1 as their birth date.
  6. Lots of people work for free on Feb. 29, due to some employees being paid on fixed monthly incomes, and those incomes do not calculate an extra day.
  7. There are two “Leap Year Capitals of the World.” They are Anthony, Texas, and Anthony, New Mexico. Both claim the title “Leap Year Capital”, while holding lavish, multi-day celebrations each leap year.

KIWA Marketplace for April 18

For Sale: Used 20″ car tires. 324-1050 Small electric chain saw for $25; Aluminum step ladder for $30. 324-3005 John Deere

KIWA Marketplace for April 17

For Marketplace Plus: Exercise bike. For Sale: Chest freezer. 3.8 CUFT. It is white and very clean and has only been

KIWA Marketplace for April 16

For Marketplace Plus: Exercise bike. For Marketplace: White steel off a machine shed. It measures 25 feet long by 32″ wide.

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