KIWA Marketplace For February 16, 2023

KIWA Marketplace is on KIWA FM 105.3 Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 9:15 am

Call during the program at 712-324-5377, text 712-324-2597, or email

All items and garage sales called/texted/emailed in will be added to this web page. No real estate, including real estate rentals, and handguns.


For Sale:

Washing Machine, $300 obo. — 712-348-1855


Case IH Field Cultivator, Or John Deere Field Finisher, 24-26 Feet Wide, In Good Shape. — 712-540-7479


Knowledge Nugget:

It’s slick out there this morning – and I found something about Ice. There is such a thing as an ice volcano! Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons, has a curious feature. Its southern polar region contains “cryovolcanoes”, which is an exotic type of volcano that spews ice instead of magma. It happens when ice deep below the surface gets heated and turned into a vapor, which then erupts into the moon’s chilly atmosphere, immediately turning into ice particles.


KIWA Marketplace for April 24

For Marketplace Plus: 1987 Chevy bus converted to an RV DeWalt job site radio with built in battery charger and impact.

KIWA Marketplace for April 23

For Marketplace Plus: DeWalt job site radio. John Deere 60″ zero turn mower and pond boat. For Sale: Custom 21″ wheel

KIWA Marketplace for April 22

For Marketplace Plus: John Deere 60″ zero turn mower and a pond boat. For Sale: 14-foot boat with 15-horse johnson. It