KIWA Marketplace for February 2

For Marketplace Plus:

Stainless Steel appliances.

For Sale:

Vitamaster Treadmill 9855 V that is made in the USA; 2 doors. (32″X79″ and 36″x80″) Call 712-720-7397

30-35 sheets of white steel off a roof. They are 25 feet long. They are used, but not rusted. $40 per sheet. 540-7479


3-point pronged bail spear for a quick-attach front end loader. 540-7479

3 ball adjustable receiver hitch for a pickup. 470-0985

Foodie Friday:

It’s National Bubble Gum Day! Here are a couple facts about Bubble Gum:

  1. Humans have been chewing gum for thousands of years. The oldest record of gum chewing began upward of 9,000 years ago with the ancient Mayans. This civilization enjoyed chewing on a gum-like substance called chicle, derived from sap of a sapodilla tree. The material was soft and stretchy and not too dissimilar in texture from the stuff we enjoy today.
  2. Sugary bubble gum exists, because of a dentist. Monder gum like Bubba and Bazooka brands were invented by a dentist named William Finley Semple. The Mount Vernon, Ohio, native is popularly known as the first person to patent chewing gum. He hoped the sticky stuff would help people clean their teeth.
  3. Bubble gum got its famous (pink) hue be being the only color available. But who knows? If Walter e. Diemer – who is also known as the creator of bubble gum – had a blue, or green dye on hand in 1928, the first bubble gum batch might have turned out very different from the iconic pink that we all know today. But as the story goes, Diemer only had red dye on hand which he diluted to pink. It was an upgrade from the original gum shade, which was an unappetizing grey color.

KIWA Marketplace for February 26

For Marketplace Plus: Women’s Columbia Coat with Omni Heat. Size small. Small dorm fridge, small microwave, Baggallini purse and a WeatherTech

KIWA Marketplace for February 22

For Marketplace Plus: Purebred American Eskimo (white spitz) puppies. For Sale: Seven 2 1/2 dollar Indian gold pieces. 395-0165 Patio set