KIWA Marketplace for January 15

For Sale:

Weather Tech mat for Honda CRV, Oster microwave with turntable, and small dorm fridge. 712-441-3400 

Walk behind snow blower. 24″ cut with a five-horse engine. A front end loader for an IH tractor. Needs to be a narrow front. It is in very good condition. 712-540-7479


Volkswagen vans from the 50’s and 60’s. In any condition, in a barn or out in the pasture, I don’t care! I will travel. I will pay a cash reward of $500 for information that leads to a purchase. 620-910-7257

Knowledge Nugget:

Napster, the revolutionary music file-sharing service, debuted 25 years ago in 1999. The service was created by college student Shawn Fanning and it quickly gained popularity, making it easy for music ethusiasts to download copies of songs that were otherwise registered on its network.

However, Napster’s operations were riddled with controversy. The service faced numerous legal battles over digital rights, with litigation from various angles, including the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Metallica, and Dr. Dre.

In 2001, the original Napster was shut down after a successful court injunction. Today, Napster is a paid music streaming service.


KIWA Marketplace for February 22

For Marketplace Plus: Purebred American Eskimo (white spitz) puppies. For Sale: Seven 2 1/2 dollar Indian gold pieces. 395-0165 Patio set

KIWA Marketplace for February 20

For Marketplace Plus: Double blower setup for cattle showing, chicken coop cages Two-year old Maytag washer and dryer. Price reduced to