KIWA Marketplace for January 22

For Sale:

1999 Ford F1 50 with a hooked 5th wheel trailer. The trailer also has a fiber glass topper. Most of these items still need work. $1,000. 712-260-8573


50-gallon fuel transfer tank with, or without a pump. 712-348-0463

Knowledge Nugget:

A study found that Americans read less than 100 hours per year – a big drop from the level we were at just a decade ago. The survey counted reading books, ebooks, newspaper articles and websites, but not social media.

A decade ago, Americans were reading over 500 hours a year. Today, many Americans would rather scroll social media, watch YouTube, watch streaming shows, or play computer or tablet games.


KIWA Marketplace for March 1

For Marketplace Plus: F/s 98 Ford f-150 Oak Kitchen table/Dining room table; Living room coffee table For Sale: 2-man otter flip-over

KIWA Marketplace for Feb. 29

For Marketplace Plus: Oak Kitchen Table with 6 chairs and 3 leaves. Living room coffee table. For Sale: 2-man otter flip-over

KIWA Marketplace for February 27

For Marketplace Plus: 1959-1960 Farmall 460; fast hitch; 4,000 hours; newer rear tires; Westendorf Loader; Rebuilt starter; replaced generator with alternator.