KIWA Marketplace for June 13

For Marketplace Plus:

Backyard chicken coop.

For Sale:

Piece of farm equipment: It is a Case IH #8480 round bailer. It is in good shape, but it is twine tie only. The bails will measure 5 feet by 6 feet.; Also for sale: round bail alfalfa hay. They were just bailed last week. Just good, clean hay. You can negotiate on the price. 540-7479

250 good Morgan Silver dollars and 25 2 1/2 Indian gold pieces. 395-1065

’88 Alumacraft fishing boat with a 25 horse power electric start motor. It also comes with a caravan trailer and a bow mount trolling motor. It is pretty much like new, so asking for $2,675. 712-631-4146

John Deere garden tractor #430 with a diesel engine. 230-0060

Brass bed for sale. Asking for $20. 712-324-1350


Used horseshoes for a 4-H project. 441-2047

Pipes. They should be 350 feet and be two inches, or bigger. They can have leaks. The cheaper the better. 712-320-1906

Golf cart and/or a 7 1/4″ Stetson cowboy hat. 395-0165

Gun collection. 395-0016

Knowledge Nugget:

The human eye sees everything upside down. Light enters the eye through the cornea and is further refracted when it hits the lens. Here it is flipped upside down and projected into the retina.


KIWA Marketplace for July 12

For Marketplace Plus: GE Spectra smooth top range. For Sale: Calf/cattle feeder. It is 10 years old, but still in good

KIWA Marketplace for July 11

For Marketplace Plus: Giveaway: Free Kittens. Steele T-posts. 441-7041 Large Sway Belly Mower. It is 6 feet wide. 712-320-0060 25-30 wooden

KIWA Marketplace for July 10

For Marketplace Plus: Giveaway: Free kittens. Wanted: Shield for a Mows-All lawn mower. Should be at least 22″. 712-472-3811 Used riding