AARP’s Butter Duck raises imposter scam awareness

Des Moines, Iowa — Taking a selfie with the famous Butter Cow is an Iowa State Fair tradition for many. But did you know there is now a Butter Duck at the State Fairgrounds?

Inside the Varied Industries Building at this year’s state fair, AARP Iowa is showcasing a large Butter Duck at their booth. Terry Daily with the AARP Iowa tells IARN that the abnormal looking structure was put together to help raise awareness for imposter scams.

“It’s the largest number of scams going on today and it especially affects older people,” said Daily. “Basically, it’s phone calls where people claim to be from the IRS or Social Security Office and hundreds and hundreds of other types that are just people being imposters trying to scam others out of their money.”

Daily says the Butter Duck has been quite the attraction at their booth this year.

“It has the head of a cow and the body of a duck,” said Daily. “It really gets your attention. As you can see right now, it gets a lot of people’s attention. We’re able to talk to people and raise awareness.”

Daily explains the Butter Duck was created by a local Iowa artist. The big question: Is it made from real butter?

“She made it out of chicken wire and plaster,” said Daily. “The number one question I get is if it’s real butter. Sitting out here in the open, obviously it’s not, but a lot of people still want to touch it and find out if it is. A few have even licked it. It’s just fun stuff.”

AARP Iowa offers tools and resources regarding imposter scams at their booth in the Varied Industries Building, or you can visit

Article courtesy the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network