Administration recently bringing trade into focus

IARN — One of the biggest concerns that agriculture has had in the past months is where the Biden Administration plans to go on trade. After the Trump Administration had us renegotiating trade pacts all over the globe, the follow-through from the new President has been providing us with deafening silence.

Recently we are starting to see some movement.

President Biden talked with President Xi of China earlier in the week. However, trade wasn’t mentioned very much. However, there have been a few summits going on this week. The U.S. – China Leaders summit was Monday, and later this week will be the North American Leaders Summit. These meetings will have a significant impact on the agriculture trade picture. American Farm Bureau Congressional Relations Director Dave Salmonsen says that President Biden did talk a little trade with President Xi. Biden pressed his counterpart to honor their Phase One Commitments.

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Image source: Wikimedia Commons



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