Cold Weather Is A Benefit To Corn Still In The Fields

Statewide Iowa — An Iowa State University grain quality specialist, Charles Hurburgh says some growers are choosing to leave corn in the fields because the kernels’ moisture content is too high for safe storage.

The late harvest and cold weather have strained the delivery system for the propane needed to dry the corn. Hurburgh says the colder weather will help farmers who are waiting to dry grain.

He says the corn will still be okay to harvest.

He says the cold will also help those who are still waiting to dry corn that’s in bins.

He says while the cold did impact the propane situation — in this case it is helping farmers.

The State Agriculture Secretary says the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is going to get the propane shippers and the pipeline representatives together this week to work on the delivery problems. He say they hope that will lead to an increase in the supply of propane this week and next.