Estimate Indicates 43% Of Iowa’s Corn, Soybean Crop Damaged By Monday’s Storm

Des Moines, Iowa — Governor Kim Reynolds says an initial estimate indicates 10 million acres of Iowa cropland was impacted by Monday’s storm.

(as said) “This morning I had a farmer reach out to me to say that this was the worst wind damage to crops and farm buildings that he has ever seen across the state in such a wide area,” Reynolds says.

Nearly 23-and-a-half million acres was seeded with corn and soybeans this spring, so the early estimate indicates 43 percent of Iowa’s 2020 corn and soybean crop has been damaged or destroyed.

(as said) “When I say 10 million acres, that is really an early estimate,” Reynolds says. “Some of the photos have just been devastating.”

Reynolds is planning an aerial review of the damage.

(as said) “I’m hoping tomorrow with the Department of Public Safety I am able to do a fly around so I can get some sense of what that agricultural damage looks like,” Reynolds says, “but multiple bins, hoop buildings, sheds are gone.”

State officials advise farmers to take photos of the damage to crops and farm buildings and consult with their insurance carriers. Reynolds says the state has experience seeking federal help to cover grain losses in destroyed bins after the flooding in southwest Iowa last year.



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