FBN announces free memberships to help farmers

IARN — The Farmers Business Network is certainly living up to its company focus: creating an Ag economy that puts Farmers First.

Established in 2014, FBN came about when farmers wanted to develop an independent, unbiased, and objective farmer-driven information source. This month, the network announced that as of September 15th, all memberships will now be free to all farmers. We talked about this decision with FBN co-founder Charles Baron.

“It’s probably one of the biggest announcements we’ve ever made in our history,” Baron said. “You know it really comes down to something very simple. The last several years have been very tough in the farming economy and for producers, and then 2020 threw yet another wicked curveball at growers that has hit them very hard. This is a time when farmers need savings more than ever.”

Baron says that as a company, they do not want any current or prospective members to worry about membership costs during these challenging times. This makes FBN’s large portfolio of offerings available to all.

“We wanted to make FBN accessible to all farms without the fee to get all farms the power of what the network can bring,” Baron said. “It benefits all farmers as well. The more farmers that participate in FBN the better it gets for everyone, the more price transparency, and the better the input analytics.”

Baron talks more about how the free memberships will work for those who were already signed up previously and had paid fees.

“This really just made a lot of sense,” Baron said. “It was a great thing for us to be able to give producers this year. For everyone who was an FBN member and had paid their membership, they got credited back their membership fees in the form of store credits with FBN. We appreciate everyone who has been a member and has been with us so long as well.”

The signup process is simple. Simply log on to fbn.com and click on “Become a Member.”

Story courtesy of the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network.

Photo by Farmers Business Network