Harvest Yields Wide Range But Better Than Expected

Northwest, Iowa — Harvest is going on strong across Northwest Iowa, and soon the hard work will be complete.

Paul Kassel, an agronomist from Clay County, says that the range of yields varies from county to county. The reason for this is that certain counties have seen more rainfall than others, and the counties who have seen rainfall are seeing excellent numbers with corn and soybeans, but the other parts of the state that saw less rain, are seeing lower numbers, but it’s not as bad as residents may think.

(as said) “We’re pleasantly surprised because it was right around Spencer. It was two-tenths of rain from August 10th to September 10th. At a critical time for soybeans,” Says Kassel “we did not get that rain, and we had some hot temperatures too, so we are pretty pleased if we can get 50 bushels off a field with those kinds of conditions.”

He continues by saying that around 50 to 40 bushels are what is being seen on the fields that didn’t receive as much rain in soybean fields.

Kassel then talks about the numbers coming from cornfields.

(as said) “Corn has been maybe a little bit better, relatively speaking, there have been some 200-bushel yields, there’s been some 160’s too. Corn on cornfields some of those have been 150, 160, 170 so…”

Kassel ends by saying that there will be some monster yields reported from areas of northwest Iowa, and there will be some areas that report lower yields, but it is still a pleasant surprise to see numbers not as low as expected.



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