House Ag Chair Thompson talks Farm Bill

IARN — We are all aware the this is a Farm Bill year. Every five years the biggest piece of agriculture and food security legislation is up for renewal. It also gives Congress a chance to hear from the industry about what is working, what is not, and what needs updating. The Farm Bill tends to cause more division by geography rather than by party. Different crops and commodities can be found in different regions, and lawmakers of both parties want to appear loyal to their voter base.

But how is it coming?

Well, it all depends on which leader you ask. With the houses of Congress under split party control, it means that the respective Ag Committees are split as well. Today we start in the House of Representatives, where the Ag Committee is chaired by Congressman Glenn “G.T.” Thompson of Pennsylvania. He addressed the NAFB Washington Watch delegation last month at the Capitol.

Thompson talks about the work that he has done since being the Ranking Member of the Committee in the last Congress, and now it’s leader. He spent two years just going around the country and talking to farmers and ag industry.

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