Improving water quality remains the focus at IDALS

IARN — The recent decision by the Supreme Court over the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency has limits on the jurisdiction over private properties. It also affirmed that the states and local governments still have jurisdiction over their territory.

Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig talked with IARN and said that just because that the EPA does not have direct control over a certain body of water, does not mean they aren’t being protected by the state or county water districts. If an offense is egregious enough, then the counties and states can get the EPA involved. But they don’t need to have the Federal government looking over their shoulders all the time.

Naig also talked about the work they are doing to help with water quality in Iowa. Recently the 10th anniversary of the Nutrient Reduction Strategy was celebrated. Naig says it was a milestone celebration, not a declaration of “mission accomplished.”

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