Bob Noble, the new president of the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association, says the event focuses on networking, education, policy, and challenges facing the cattle industry. He explains a big topic at this year’s summit is the record-breaking year for beef exports.

“It means one thing. It’s more demand to use our production be it domestically or internationally,” said Noble. “China has been one that has been a pleasant surprise. They’ve moved from almost below the chart two years ago to being a top two, three or four whichever month you are looking at. They’ve been a big addition. The other standard ones – the Koreas, Japan, Canada and Mexico – they are doing real well too.”

Noble says the success of U.S. beef exports in 2021 is due in part to solid broad-based growth.

“The demand is just everywhere,” said Noble. “We set records for demand this year. We’ve got huge supply historically. And yet the price stays up here. It’s almost like people are used to spending a lot more than they did before and are okay with it. That just indicates demand is tremendous.”

Iowa Cattlemen’s Association CEO Matt Deppe talks about other key conversations during this year’s event.

“A lot of pats on the back in terms of the work collectively we are doing as an organization related to live cattle market challenges for our producers,” said Deppe. “And then, tax reform has really infiltrated itself as a concern to our membership knowing that when we talk about the Build Back Better plan, they are really worried and concerned it’s going to be built on their shoulders.”

The 2021 Iowa Cattle Industry Leadership Summit is held at the Prairie Meadows Conference Center and concludes on Thursday, December 16th.

Video interviews with both Noble and Deppe can be viewed below….

Story courtesy of the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network.

Image at top of page: Bob Noble (right), president of the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association, speaks with IARN’s Brent Barnett at the 2021 Iowa Cattle Industry Leadership Summit. (Photo by Brent Barnett)