Iowa DOT To Run B100 In 10 Des Moines Snowplows This Winter

Des Moines, Iowa — (IARN) — Biofuels have had their challenges this year, but they are still pushing the limits of what we thought possible just a few years ago. Science is finding ways to get the most out of biofuels while reducing our dependence on foreign oil and helping the environment. The Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) has long been a supporter of biofuels and is going to be running a fleet of ten Des Moines snowplows on B100 blend.

David May of the Iowa DOT tells about this program in which these snowplows will run on pure biodiesel. Obviously getting B100 isn’t as simple as just driving up to your gas pump, yet. May says they have a partnership with Renewable Energy Group to get this Iowa-produced fuel to their fleet.

Iowa Biodiesel Board’s Grant Kimberly says the project’s goal is to show B100 can be used year-round in fleets, especially in colder northern climates where different blends are used in different seasons.

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Story courtesy of the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network.

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