Iowa Turkey celebrates 40 years serving food at ISF

IARN — When you find something that works, you stick with it. That is precisely what the Iowa Turkey Federation has been doing for the past four decades. This year they are celebrating their 40th year selling delicious Iowa-grown turkey products at the Iowa State Fair.

When you arrive at the Iowa Turkey Federation Grill, you will see the two staples that have carried them forward since 1983: the turkey tenderloin sandwich and the smoked turkey leg. But you better make sure you get there as soon as you can at lunchtime because there is always a line of folks waiting to enjoy those turkey products. However, the wait is never long as their expert crew keeps everybody moving through the line.

Gretta Irwin is Executive Director of the Iowa Turkey Federation. She talked with IARN about the history of their turkey stand.

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The Iowa Turkey federation smokes turkey legs at the Turkey Federation Grill at the Iowa State Fair. (IARN Stock Photo)