ISU Extension Unveils Storm Damage Resources Webpage

IARN — More resources continue to develop for farmers in the aftermath of the August 10th derecho.

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach recently unveiled a new storm damage resources page for those in agriculture who were impacted by the devastating storm. ISU Extension field agronomist Meaghan Anderson says the webpage provides a large number of links to resources and tools under several farm-related categories.

“We are moving really fast to put up as much information as we can with regard to evaluating this crop and what opportunities there are for alternative storage options,” Anderson said. “Also, how we should be managing things like silage and what are the considerations we should take into account. That page is basically live and being updated as we put these articles and these pieces of information out that may be useful to people.”

The categories currently covered on the site include safety and well-being, disease and insect management, grain storage, evaluating crops, nutrients and fertility, silage options, harvest considerations, and additional resources.

Anderson says the articles and information are produced and published in-house by members of the ISU Extension and Outreach staff.

“It’s all hands on deck right now,” Anderson said. “We have an ag and natural resources team within Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. That team includes beef specialists, livestock specialists, field agronomists and other experts in crops, and our farm management specialists. There’s a lot of people all working together to make sure we can get as good of information out there as possible.”

Anderson added that ISU Ag engineers are contributing as well when it comes to storage and grain management.

“The storm damage resources page is going to be a really good resource for anyone trying to make some these management decisions on the farm as we approach this fall.”

The webpage can be found on ISU Extension’s Integrated Crop Management website.

Anderson’s full interview can be found at the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network.



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