Lawmakers introduce legislation to classify corn as an advanced biofuel

IARN — New legislation introduced Monday in the House of Representatives would allow for ethanol from corn starch to qualify as an advanced biofuel.

The Fuels Parity Act would also require the Environmental Protection Agency to use the Argonne GREET model to determine the greenhouse gas emission profile of biofuels under the RFS. Corn is currently prohibited from qualifying as an advanced biofuel, even if it can meet the required scientific thresholds, by a provision in the 2007 RFS expansion known as the “corn discrimination clause.”

No other feedstock is limited – only corn starch used for ethanol. Allowing corn to qualify as an advanced biofuel would incentivize lower emissions from ethanol production and allow corn to access another bucket of the RFS. If ethanol can meet the scientific thresholds, then it should be allowed to qualify as an advanced biofuel and generate an advanced biofuel RIN, according to lawmakers introducing the legislation.

Story courtesy of the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network.