Livestock Specialist Recommends Minerals Ahead Of Spring Calving

(IARN) — Old Man Winter is setting the stage for spring calving.

A livestock specialist shares how to best prepare cows for calving.

Cattle producers need to look at several items, while preparing for spring calving. Cody Korthaus, livestock specialist with Purina, lays out a couple items to evaluate ahead of spring calving.

“We want to start thinking about the future: Thinking about those cows having calves and getting them primed for breeding season, this summer,” Korthaus said. “(I) recommend looking at not only their conception rates from the past, but their goals and areas for improvement.”

Mature cows play a critical role on a cow-calf operation. Producers can optimize their performance through organic trace minerals, according to Korthaus.

“Breeding season is the number one breakeven for a cow-calf producer. We have to get cows bred and live calves on the ground. (I) always recommend an organic trace source mineral. What that’s going to do is (provide) more bioavailability to that cow and her trace mineral sources. Other things (to watch) are vitamin levels,” Korthaus said.

Korthaus suggests offering mineral to bred cows up to 40-days ahead of calving, for the greatest return on investment.

“There are a lot of different feedstuffs that can be replaced, or taken out from a cost standpoint. But the one thing that’s irreplaceable is a good mineral program. It means everything (when it comes to) getting the cow ready (and) making sure she is reproductively sound,” Korthaus said.

Story courtesy of the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network.

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