NCGA: Farmers Must Play A Role In Reducing Greenhouse Gases

Efforts throughout society, and virtually every industry, to cut greenhouse gases are underway and agriculture is no exception, according to the National Corn Growers Association. NCGA’s Stewardship and Sustainability Director Rachel Orf says, “we are working in the right direction.” Throughout the Ag supply chain, from conservation groups to the largest retailers, Orf says there is solid agreement that the effort needs to be driven by science, adding “if it doesn’t work for farmer’s it doesn’t work at all.”

Orf attended a meeting hosted by Field to Market last week in Washington, D.C. with the objective of better understanding climate change risk facing the ag value chain, including retailers, conservation groups, farmers, agribusiness. The effort began last fall with the goal of exploring collaborative actions that can deliver benefits for farmers, consumers and the planet. While agriculture has become increasingly efficient, relying on fewer inputs to produce more, NCGA’s partnership with Field to Market, is fostering collective action to address the significant challenges ahead in meeting increased global demand in a sustainable manner.

This article originally appeared on the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network