Prop 12 brings a fast-moving period of uncertainty for producers

IARN — Last month, the Supreme Court of the United States held up California’s Proposition 12 as legal. This was not the answer that the National Pork Producers Council and the American Farm Bureau were hoping to have happen. While many justices agreed that this was going to set a very dangerous precedent for interstate trade in the United States, they also agreed that this was a matter for Congress to handle, not the Supreme Court.

During the World Pork Expo, last week, we had the chance to talk with producers from all over. One of them was NPPC’s President-Elect Lori Stevermer of Easton, MN. She talked with IARN about several topics of great concern for the industry. One of those is the uncertainty and rapid change that this decision is bringing to pork producers. Stevermer talks about the efforts being made by NPPC to work with the California Department of Food and Agriculture to understand the timetable and what it will take to get producers ready.

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