Tyson Holds Grand Opening For New Feed Mill In Storm Lake

Storm Lake, Iowa — Tyson Foods is operating a new feed mill in northwest Iowa. It’s a replacement feed mill and adds 69 acres to Tyson’s turkey complex in Storm Lake.

Nearly six dozen farmers within a 60-mile radius of the community supply the majority of turkeys processed at the company’s Storm Lake plant. Joe Hedden, Tyson’s Associate Director of Live Operations in Storm Lake, says the mill is providing high-quality feed for the turkeys.

Hedden says the turkey plant is operating at full capacity.

Tyson also operates a pork processing facility in Storm Lake and about 3,000 people are employed at the company’s pork and turkey plants in Storm Lake. Tyson held an official opening for the towering feed mill Wednesday, August 17th, but it’s been operating for several months. The most recent data available indicates Iowa has more than 400 mills that grind grain and soybeans into specialized feed for livestock and poultry.



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