What If COVID Strikes Your Farm?

IARN — I am not a doctor, nor have I ever played one on television. I am not the person to ask if you are trying to determine if it is safer for us to be getting back to normal or if we should be remaining cautious. I also am the last person whose brain you should consider picking about how COVID-19 affects different people. I am also not opening the floor to debate on conspiracy theories on the origins of COVID-19, what a treatment plan could possibly look like, or what is or is not a hoax.

All these things aside, there are people getting sick out there. This disease is still affecting people, and farmers need to think about what they should do if it happens to rear its ugly head on their farm. There are certain procedures to help keep your farm and family safe if an employee or loved one should be afflicted.

Dr. Heather Fowler is the National Pork Board’s Director of Producer and Public Health. She says the first step, obviously, is to get medical treatment for any individual exhibiting the symptoms of COVID-19. The next step is to then make sure the farm is protected from further spread. This means cleaning and disinfecting.

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