Feenstra On Federal Budget Talks, Farm Bill

Washington, DC — Republican Congressman Randy Feenstra of Hull says the US House will start voting tonight (Wednesday) on a series of budget bills, but there’s no deal yet on a temporary spending plan that would avert a federal government shutdown at the end of this week.

Feenstra says the House is scheduled to take votes on four of its 12 budget bills this week, with votes on the rest next week. The federal government’s fiscal year started October 1st, but Congress has not agreed on a budget for the year. Instead, congress has passed three previous agreements to keep last year’s spending levels in place while budget negotiations continue. March 1st is the latest deadline for a final agreement. Feenstra says shutting down the US/Mexico border is the paramount issue for Republicans in these budget talks.

Feenstra expects the Farm Bill that sets a five-year outline for crop insurance subsidies and food assistance programs will come up for a vote in the US House in late March or early April.

Feenstra spoke with reporters in Des Moines after filing nearly 38 hundred signatures on nominating papers for the June Primary. Feenstra, who represents Iowa’s fourth congressional district, is seeking a third term in the U.S. House. Feenstra faces a primary challenge from Kevin Virgil, a former Army Ranger and CIA officer who has the backing of former Congressman Steve King. Feenstra defeated King in the 2020 GOP Primary Election.