Hornick Still Hasn’t Fully Recovered From Flood Of 2019

Flooding in Hornick, March of 2019 (Iowa Public Radio photo)

Hornick, Iowa — It was five years ago this week that a flood devastated the northwestern Iowa town of Hornick and the final repairs still aren’t complete.

The West Branch of the Little Sioux River couldn’t be held back by a levee after a late winter rainstorm, and the high water forced the evacuation of all 250 residents in the Woodbury County community.

That’s Hornick Mayor Scott Mitchell, who says a new berm now protects the town. Mitchell says it’s difficult to finalize funding from FEMA to fix roads that were damaged by the flood. The cost has increased in the past two years from two million dollars to as much as four million, with FEMA covering 75% of the price. The mayor says the paperwork was a real chore.

Mitchell says it’s been a difficult journey to put everything back in place.

Mitchell says he is still thankful for the support his town received in cleaning up after the natural disaster. He hopes to have the final repair work done by the end of this year.


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