Man Riding Mule Across Iowa On Highway 18

Picture courtesy KCAU-TV

Northwest Iowa — If you’ve been driving on Highway 18 the past few days, you may have seen a man riding a mule. That man was probably Mike Siddall.

KCAU-TV reports that Siddall and his three mules are making their way across the state of Iowa. It’s not just to cross an item off the bucket list – it’s also to spread the message of his and his wife’s nonprofit.

On Tuesday morning, Mike Siddall began his journey across Highway 18, but he and his wife, Anita, have different feelings going in.

The ride is more than a cross-state road trip. The couple is using this time to spread the message of their nonprofit, “Toothbrushers and Balaam’s Donkey.” Anita Siddall is a dental hygienist and the nonprofit’s goal is to raise up an army of people who can brush and floss the teeth of the disabled and people in nursing homes, as hygienists often find such people’s teeth often are not being taken care of appropriately.

The couple hope the mules help draw people’s attention so they can promote their nonprofit. Their goal is Guttenburg, Iowa, and they say they hope to get there by the end of May.

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(Courtesy KCAU-TV in Sioux City)