Minnesota 507 Area To Add 924 Area Code

Minnesota — Someday soon, when you call a number from north of the state line, you may be dialing a new area code.

Southwest Minnesota is getting a new area code soon. The nearby 507 area is adding 924 according to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. For those who currently have a 507 number, nothing changes. But any new registered numbers in southern Minnesota, will receive a 924 code instead.

What’s happening is what’s called a code overlay, which has happened in places like the twin cities, and may happen further north in Minnesota in 2026 as well.

For those of us in Iowa, the only change is that some numbers will have 924 instead of 507.

But if you’re dialing from southern Minnesota, you’ll have to make sure to dial the area code when you make a call, because of the new area code. Area code 924 will be implemented on January 30th, 2024. Officials say the change is to ensure residents and businesses have access to a sufficient supply of telephone numbers to serve the area.

For more information, check out the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission website. Click here for the press release.

(With assistance from fellow Community First Broadcasting station KKOJ in Jackson, MN)