Spring/Summer 2024 Shaping Up As A Very Active Tornado Season

Iowa — We’re just past the halfway point for Iowa’s tornado season, and while twisters can strike during any month of the year, April, May, and June are considered the three prime months for tornadic activity. Meteorologist Mike Fowle, at the National Weather Service in Johnston, says it had been a very active season so far — and that was before this past week’s severe weather that took out a large swath of the town of Greenfield.

While the tornado tally doesn’t set an Iowa record, Fowle says it -is- an impressive number.

We do live in tornado alley and some years they’re plentiful, while we’re spared in others.

The bulk of the 2021 tornadoes occurred on December 15th of that year, in a highly unusual late-year outbreak. There were 63 tornadoes in Iowa that day, along with the first-ever December derecho anywhere in the US.


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