Sports Scores For Thursday January 21st

A lighter sports schedule for Thursday with wrestling and basketball.

West Lyon, Sheldon-South O’Brien at West Sioux
West Sioux, Hawarden, IA 45.0 West Lyon, IA 36.0
West Sioux, Hawarden, IA 44.0 Sheldon/South O`Brien, IA 36.0
138 Mikey Baker (West Sioux, Hawarden) over Eddie Millan (Sheldon/South O`Brien) (Fall 1:52)
145 Cason Johannes (Sheldon/South O`Brien) over Tyler Kennedy (West Sioux, Hawarden) (Fall 1:06)
152 Cullen Koedam (West Sioux, Hawarden) over Evan Ball (Sheldon/South O`Brien) (MD 12-4)
160 Jarrett Roos (Sheldon/South O`Brien) over Ernesto Flores (West Sioux, Hawarden) (Fall 1:01)
170 Mason Warnke (Sheldon/South O`Brien) over Chase Minor (West Sioux, Hawarden) (Fall 0:23)
182 Carson Lynott (West Sioux, Hawarden) over Wilson Millan (Sheldon/South O`Brien) (Fall 1:56)
195 Micah Davis (Sheldon/South O`Brien) over Juan Topete (West Sioux, Hawarden) (Fall 4:11)
220 Ashton McMillan (West Sioux, Hawarden) over Charlie Bartz (Sheldon/South O`Brien) (Fall 1:28)
285 Luis Martinez (Sheldon/South O`Brien) over Keegan McMillan (West Sioux, Hawarden) (Fall 0:31)
106 Preston Providence (West Sioux, Hawarden) over Ethan Jager (Sheldon/South O`Brien) (Fall 1:55)
113 Braden Graff (West Sioux, Hawarden) over Unknown (For.)
120 Coy DeBoer (Sheldon/South O`Brien) over Drayven Kraft (West Sioux, Hawarden) (Fall 5:11)
126 Luis Ramirez (West Sioux, Hawarden) over Unknown (For.)
132 Cameron Clark (West Sioux, Hawarden) over Eli Broesder (Sheldon/South O`Brien) (MD 12-0)
220 Extra: Ty Kaskie (West Sioux, Hawarden) over Cale Noteboom (Sheldon/South O`Brien) (Fall 2:38)

Sheldon/South O`Brien, IA 54.0 West Lyon, IA 25.0
132 Eli Broesder (Sheldon/South O`Brien) over Unknown (For.)
138 Eddie Millan (Sheldon/South O`Brien) over Spencer VerMeer (West Lyon) (Fall 3:49)
145 Cason Johannes (Sheldon/South O`Brien) over Chase Thiessen (West Lyon) (Fall 0:32)
152 Evan Ball (Sheldon/South O`Brien) over Gunnar Grems (West Lyon) (Fall 3:02)
160 Jarrett Roos (Sheldon/South O`Brien) over Jackson Taylor (West Lyon) (Fall 1:47)
170 Mason Warnke (Sheldon/South O`Brien) over Blake Steen (West Lyon) (Fall 1:01)
182 Emmit Fleshman (West Lyon) over Wilson Millan (Sheldon/South O`Brien) (Dec 9-5)
195 Gabe Ter Wee (West Lyon) over Micah Davis (Sheldon/South O`Brien) (MD 14-2)
220 Easton Fleshman (West Lyon) over Charlie Bartz (Sheldon/South O`Brien) (Fall 0:39)
285 Jordan Ver Meer (West Lyon) over Kaedon Louscher (Sheldon/South O`Brien) (Fall 0:31)
106 Ethan Jager (Sheldon/South O`Brien) over Unknown (For.)
113 Osvaldo Ocampo (Sheldon/South O`Brien) over Zac Severson (West Lyon) (Fall 1:52)
120 Coy DeBoer (Sheldon/South O`Brien) over Dalton Warner (West Lyon) (Fall 1:28)
126 Aiden Jennings (West Lyon) over Unknown (For.)

MOC-Floyd Valley, Okoboji-HMS at BHRV
BHRV 54, Okoboji-HMS 15
BHRV 67, MOC-FV 15
Okoboji-HMS 41, MOC-FV 30

East Sac County, Hinton, MVAOCOU at West Monona
East Sac County, IA 42.0 Hinton, IA 36.0
West Monona-Whiting, IA 63.0 East Sac County, IA 15.0
East Sac County, IA 48.0 MVAOCOU, IA 33.0
West Monona-Whiting, IA 60.0 Hinton, IA 24.0
Hinton, IA 42.0 MVAOCOU, IA 36.0
West Monona-Whiting, IA 63.0 MVAOCOU, IA 18.0

Spirit Lake Park, IA 46 Spencer, IA 33

Storm Lake, Western Christian at Cherokee
Storm Lake, IA 52.0 Western Christian, Hull, IA 29.0

Girls Basketball
West Lyon 70, George-Little Rock 39
Sioux Center 45, Unity Christian 38
Akron-Westfield 64, Elk Point-Jefferson 37
Sioux Central 73, Harris Lake Park 20
Kingsley-Pierson 65, MMCRU 59
Estherville/Lincoln Central 39, Emmetsburg 35

Boys Basketball
West Lyon 72, George-Little Rock 29
Unity Christian 67, Sioux Center 35
Elk Point-Jefferson 68, Akron-Westfield 39
Sioux Central 55, Harris Lake Park 30
Kingsley-Pierson 64, MMCRU 46
Emmetsburg 48, Estherville/Lincoln Central 44



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