Weekly DNR Fishing Report For Northwest Iowa

Northwest Iowa — Here is this week’s Northwest Iowa Fishing Report from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, as released Thursday, July 13th.

East Okoboji LakeThe water temperature is in the upper 70s. Black Crappie – Fair. Bluegill – Fair: Bluegill have moved deeper; spawning has finished. Use a small hook and piece of worm. Walleye – Fair. Yellow Perch – Fair: Sorting will be needed.

Ingham LakeWalleye – Fair: Anglers have been successful morning and evening.

Lost Island LakeWater temperatures are in the upper70s. Black Crappie – Good. Walleye – Good: Try trolling with spinners over weeds.

Minnewashta LakeBlack Crappie – Fair.  Bluegill – Fair. Pumpkinseed – Good.

Silver Lake (Dickinson)The lake is currently experiencing a large algae bloom. Black Bullhead – Good. Walleye – Fair: Try trolling with spinners over or off weed lines.

Spirit LakeWater temperatures are in the upper 70s. You may have to move out deeper to find the edge of weed lines. Black Bullhead – Good: Anglers have been very successful fishing the north grade. Black Crappie – Fair: Many nice-sized fish have been seen lately. Bluegill – Good: Bluegill are still on beds near shore. Try a small hook with a small piece of worm. Walleye – Fair: Leeches and minnows work well. Anglers have been successful with slip bobbers off points and pulling spinners over vegetation. Yellow Perch – Fair.

West Okoboji LakeWater temperatures are in the mid-70s. Black Crappie – Fair: Try small jigs tipped with a minnow. Bluegill – Good: Bluegill are are moving off beds to deeper water post-spawn. Pumpkinseed – Good. Walleye – Fair: Leeches and minnows work well. Yellow Perch – Fair: Sorting may be needed.

Water temperatures are in the middle to upper 70s. Water temperatures have been slow to increase with recent storms. Most area water levels are a few inches over crest. The fish bite is moving out to deeper water. Finding weed lines and rock points to fish off has given anglers the most success. Many lakes are starting to experience algae blooms as water temperatures increase. For current conditions, call the Spirit Lake District Office at 712-336-1840.



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