Weekly Iowa DNR Fishing Report

Here is this week’s Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) weekly fishing report as released by the Iowa DNR Thursday afternoon of February 8.

East Okoboji Lake
The lake is fully ice covered. Ice thickness is 6 to 10 inches in most areas. The walleye season closes February 15. Black Crappie – Fair: Use minnows and plastics. Bluegill – Fair. Walleye – Fair.  Yellow Perch – Fair: Sorting will most likely be needed.

Ingham Lake
The lake is completely ice covered. Ice thickness is 8 to 10 inches. Walleye – Fair: Anglers have been successful morning and evening. 

Lost Island Lake
Ice thickness is around 8 inches. Black Crappie – Fair.  Walleye – Fair

Minnewashta Lake
Ice thickness is 7 to 10 inches. Black Crappie – Fair. Bluegill – Fair.  Pumpkinseed – Good.

Scharnberg Pond
You need a valid fishing license and pay the trout fee to fish for or possess trout. 

Silver Lake (Dickinson)
The lake is fully ice covered. Ice thickness averages 7 to 10 inches. Walleye – Fair.

Spirit Lake
The lake is fully ice covered. Ice thickness is 6 to 10 inches in most areas. Ice can be highly variable. Be aware of large heaves and areas where the ice has started to split apart. . Black Crappie – Good: Minnows and plastics work well. Many nice-sized fish have been seen lately. Bluegill – Fair. Walleye – Good: Minnows work well. Yellow Perch – Good: Find good numbers; may need to sort for size.

West Okoboji Lake
The lake is fully iced up. Ice conditions are highly variable with 4 to 10 inches. Foot traffic and small ATV use should be possible in most areas. Shoreline access is the biggest issue for anglers; use caution. The walleye season closes February 15Black Crappie – Fair: Try small jigs tipped with a minnow. Bluegill – Good. Pumpkinseed – Good. Walleye – Good: Minnows and plastics work well. Yellow Perch – Fair: Sorting may be needed.

Area ice conditions are highly variable. Most areas are still completely ice covered with 6 to 10 inches. Ice conditions deteriorated extensively with consistent above freezing temperatures the last couple weeks. Use extra caution along shorelines and accesses that have deteriorated the most. For current conditions, call the Spirit Lake District Office at 712-336-1840.