Weekly Northwest Iowa DNR Fishing Report

Regional – Here is this week’s Northwest Iowa Department of Natural Resources weekly fishing report as released Thursday, March 14.

Black Hawk Lake
Courtesy docks are in at Ice House Point boat ramp and the state campground boat ramp. Water temperature is in the upper 40s. Black Crappie – Fair: Anglers are picking up crappie from the fish house in Town Bay, in the marina and along Ice House Point shoreline. Bluegill – Fair: Find bluegill in the marina and near the inlet bridge. Walleye – Fair: Pick up walleye along the north shore of Town Bay and the south shore of Town Bay near Ice House Point. Most are being caught on twisters and crawlers. Expect walleye fishing along the east shore of the lake and near the outlet to improve if water temperatures continue to increase. Yellow Perch – Fair: Some perch are being picked up in Town Bay on minnows and crawlers.

Brushy Creek Lake
Courtesy docks are in on the north, east, and south ramps. Black Crappie – Fair: With recent above normal temperatures, look for crappie in bays and shallower areas that warm up faster than deeper areas of the lake. Yellow Perch – Fair. 

Storm Lake (incl Little Storm Lake)
Water clarity is good. Water temperature in the marina is in the upper 40s.  Main lake temperatures are in the mid-40s.  Black Crappie – Fair: Pick up crappie in the marina and along shore. Walleye – Fair: A few walleye have been picked up in the marina over the last week. White Bass – Fair.  Yellow Bass – Fair. Yellow Perch – Fair: Anglers have picked up some perch in the marina.

Water temperatures are in the mid to upper 40s. For more information, contact the Black Hawk District office at 712-657-2638.



Weekly Iowa DNR Fishing Report

Here is this week’s Northwest Iowa Fishing Report as released by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Thursday, April 18. East

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