Bill Setting Definitions Of Man And Woman In Iowa Law Cleared Committee

Des Moines, Iowa — Republicans on a House Committee have approved Governor Kim Reynolds’ bill that would put definitions of “man,” “woman,” “mother” and “father” in Iowa law and require changes in how the state issues new birth certificates to transgender residents.

House Education Committee chairman Skyler Wheeler of Hull says he asked to have the bill assigned to his committee.

Democrats on the committee voted against the bill. Representative Sue Cahill of Marshalltown says the bill puts transgender Iowans in danger.

Representative Sharon Steckman of Mason City says the bill feeds on fear.

A large crowd of opponents rallied and chanted outside the room where a subcommittee hearing on the bill was held at noon yesterday (Tuesday). After the committee vote last (Monday) night, a couple of dozen people booed lawmakers after the bill passed the committee.

The committee did remove part of the bill that would have required transgender Iowans list their sex at birth on their driver’s license or government-issued ID.


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