Governor OKs State Of Iowa’s $8.91 Billion Budget For Next Fiscal Year

Des Moines, Iowa — The governor has another week to sign or veto the remaining bills passed by the 2024 Iowa legislature. She’s already approved a billion-dollar tax cut AND the state spending plans for the fiscal year that begins July 1st.

The nearly nine billion dollar state budget is four-point-two percent higher than the current year’s spending level. The budget for the state’s court system includes a five percent salary increase for Iowa judges. The governor has signed bills that divert 10 million dollars from Iowa’s Area Education Agencies to set up a new division in the Iowa Department of Education to oversee the AEAs. As many as 62 new state employees will be hired for the Division of Special Education. The budget for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources includes a quarter of a million dollars to address accessibility issues at state parks.