Iowa House Votes To Regulate Traffic Cameras

Des Moines, Iowa — The Iowa House has voted to establish statewide regulations for automated traffic cameras that generate tickets for speeding and running red lights.

Republican Representative Phil Thompson of Boone says tickets could only be issued if a vehicle is caught going at least 10 miles an hour over the posted speed limit.

Representative Brian Best, a Republican from Glidden, says after years of wrangling, it’s clear there’s no perfect answer, but it’s time to act.

The bill would require revenue from traffic camera tickets to be used on law enforcement budgets. Republican Representative John Wills of Spirit Lake wants to go further and ban all traffic cameras.

If the bill becomes law, cities that want to have traffic cameras would have to get a permit from the Iowa Department of Transportation. Cities with fewer than 20-thousand residents could not have mobile cameras that change locations. The bill passed on an 85 to 12 vote and now goes to the Senate.