Proposed Two-Thirds Super Majority Rule For Future Iowa Income Tax Hikes

Des Moines, Iowa — Iowa House Republicans are proposing a constitutional amendment to set a higher threshold for any future state income tax hike. If Iowa voters approve the change, two-thirds of the members of the Iowa legislature would have to vote to raise the state income tax on individuals or corporations. Democrats like Representative Dave Jacoby of Coralville oppose the move.

Democrats say the proposal would give veto power to 17 of 50 senators and 34 of the 100 state representatives and hamstring the ability of Iowa General Assemblies to respond to conditions in the future. Republican Representative Bobby Kaufmann of Wilton says other states led by Democrats have had similar policies in place for decades.

A similar proposal has been introduced in the Iowa Senate. Proposed amendments Iowa’s Constitution must be approved by two General Assemblies before going on the ballot for Iowa voters to have the final say.