E-Book Readers Getting Refunds In Apple Settlement

gavelNorthwest Iowa — Many of us here in northwest Iowa like to read for enjoyment.  If you read electronic books, you may soon be getting some money back as part of a lawsuit settlement.

Iowa Attorney General spokesman, Geoff Greenwood, says the U-S Supreme Court decision earlier this year to NOT hear Apple’s challenge of rulings that it conspired to fix e-book prices means more refunds. Greenwood says they want to get the word out so readers don’t mistake the refund notice for something else.

He says the new refunds could be on top of some already received as a result of the lawsuit against Apple.

There are two types of payments depending on the publisher that you used.

For each e-book that was a New York Times bestseller, you will receive six dollars, 93 cents. For all other e-books, the payment will be one dollar, 57 cents. He says they don’t know for sure how many Iowans are involved, but estimate they will receive around $5.5-million of the overall $400-million Apple payment.

Iowa will also receive a payment of approximately 271-thousand dollars for the state’s antitrust fund.

If you missed that website address, you can get there by clicking here.

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